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Stump Grinding


As part of our wider tree surgery services, Paul a’Barrow Tree Services in association with Storrington Sawmills provides safety-conscious stump grinding work with outstanding results. From our base in West Chiltington, our tree surgeons remove dangerous and unsightly tree stumps from domestic and commercial properties. The tree surgeons at Paul a’Barrow Tree Services share more than 20 years of trade experience as well as each holding NPTC qualifications. With these credentials, our clients  can be sure that when we undertake stump grinding services, we transform gardens in numerous ways.

What We Do

As experienced, fully-qualified tree surgeons, we carry out stump grinding services with industry-leading tools and machinery. While every job represents a unique terrain and challenges, we primarily use a highly adaptable, heavy-duty stump grinding machine equipped with a rotating disc that grinds tree stumps into small wooden chips.

Stump grinding machines possess a huge amount of power and, when placed in the wrong hands, can become dangerous. Here at Paul a’Barrow Tree Services  we highly recommend that our clients always entrust stump grinding work to dedicated, professional tree surgeons.


Our clients can either have their tree stump removed completely, or have it ground down to a few inches below the soil line where it can be covered with soil, turf or decking.


The majority of trees have a root network within the top 16 inches of soil so, we can tailor our approach to suit the needs of our clients.

Whichever option we undertake, we guarantee a garden free of the limitations imposed by a lingering tree stump. What’s more, the wood chippings generated during the procedure can be put to use in the very same garden. If it’s more convenient, however, our tree surgeons can also remove them from the property and make use of them elsewhere.

When it comes to tree stumps, there is an array of negative points without any upside. It’s no surprise, then, that an increasing amount of property homeowners in the West Sussex area, from Horsham to Worthing, and from Midhurst to Arundel, choose to utilise our stump grinding service.

To discuss stump grinding services, talk to one of our tree surgeons on 0800 3282 300 or 07836 324 148.


Garden Health – Tree stumps eventually start to rot, acting like a magnet for fungi and diseases. Some of these pose no danger, while others can be harmful to children and pets. Other varieties, including honey fungus, are a threat to otherwise healthy plants in the rest of a garden



Safety – Tree stumps present a potential trip and fall hazard in both domestic gardens and public spaces. As your chosen tree surgeons, our stump grinding procedures not only remove this hazard, but also the lingering worry that someone might injure themselves on your property

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Aesthetics – No matter how well-cared for a garden may be,

a prominent tree stump will always draw attention.

The tree surgeons at Paul a’Barrow Tree Services remove these eyesores,  allowing the beauty of your garden to shine through

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