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Wood Chip Supply 


Paul a'Barrow Tree Services in association with Storrington Sawmills,  often carry out large tree felling jobs, we always offer our customers the choice to keep any  fire wood or wood chip created on site to use for their  fires or gardens.

Any unwanted waste wood is always removed from site and then processed into Kiln Dried Fire Wood or Wood Chip.


We can provide you with various types of Wood Chip, depending on the required application.

Wood Chip for equestrian, stables, manages, outside area's and gateways.

Or you can use Wood Chip for pathways and garden borders, used correctly on flower beds / Allotments / Vegetable Gardens,  

wood chip provides a fantastic source of nutrients for your garden, that break down over a long period of time,

putting all the goodness back into the soil.

We also supply arctic loads of wood chip for biomass fuel.

For further information please contact us.

Wood Chip for Equestrian 

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Wood Chip for Pathways & Garden

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